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Surfing In Varkala


Gutsy Adventure
Couples/Group Adventure, Solo Adventure
24 hrs confirmation
Surfing equipment
Certified Instructor


Varkala is one of the most elegant beaches of Kerala, known for its unique culture, seaside shacks, and lip-smacking seafood. But that is not all Varkala receives most of the Indian Ocean swell on the western edge of India. Hence, Varkala is a paradise for water sports lovers, adventure seekers, and people wanting that adrenaline rush. However, surfing is one of the most popular adventure sports in Varkala. With a variety of rocky point breaks and beach possibilities to suit all skill levels, surfing in Varkala is something no adventure lover should miss.

  • You create memories, and we capture them for you.
  • The participants are divided into smaller groups for higher safety and better experience.
  • The location for surfing at Varkala is one of the most majestic places in Kerala you could find.
  • Don't worry about the right equipment and comfortable transportation when you team up with us.
  • We offer expert guidance and instructions to ensure you have the best Varkala beach surfing experience.
  • We provide hands-on practical learning, allowing you to understand what to expect when you surf the seas.
  • In between sessions, take a break, sip some refreshments, and have a quick chit-chat with your fellow surfers.

  • You must gather at the surf school at 6:30 AM for the day’s session.
  • The ISA-Certified instructor will provide a detailed overview of surfing and surfboard fundamentals.
  • At around 7:00 AM all the surfers will head to the beach equipped with surfboards.
  • We prescribe a warm-up and stretching routine to ensure your body is ready for the activity.
  • The instructor will cover basic techniques and safety protocols during the warm-up session.
  • The real thrill begins when you start enjoying 90 minutes of wave-catching, punctuated by a 15-minute break for rejuvenation.
  • At 9:00 am, capture the unforgettable moments with a photo session from mobile before returning to the school.
  • Conclude the session with a relaxing tea break, where you can reflect on your experience and socialize with fellow surfers.
  • Safety briefing.
  • Surfing equipment.
  • Refreshments.
  • Professional Instructor (ISA certified) .
  • There is no age limit for this activity.
  • Never participate in the activity while under the influence of alcohol.
  • Kindly read all the sections in the attachment to know more about the trip.
  • Please carry ID proof (PAN card will not be considered valid address proof).
  • It is not mandatory to have prior swimming training to take part in this activity.
  • Kindly pay full attention to the briefing provided and follow all guidelines as recommended.
  • Vendor details will be shared post-booking. Please coordinate with the vendor on reporting time & location.
  • Participants are required to fill out and sign a medical fitness form and the Standard Risk Acknowledgment & Disclaimer form.
  • Keeping your safety first, if the weather is poor, the event may be delayed or postponed, and an alternative time slot will be suggested.
  • Participants deemed unfit for the activity may be prohibited from participating by the instructor. Since the expert will decide for your safety, we request your adherence. Kindly read our advisory in the attachment to understand if you are fit to participate.

Starting Point

Black Beach Road, Varkala, Kerala

Near Kuttikkadu temple junction, Black Beach Road, Varkala, Kerala


  • You will receive a booking confirmation from our end within 24 hours of making a payment.
  • In case of non-availability for the date, our team will contact you to work out the best possible dates. Kindly bear with us, as this industry does not work with real-time inventory views from vendor partners.
  • You will receive a 100% refund in case you wish to cancel before receiving confirmation.

  • Full Refund– If cancelled before 48 hours of the date of the activity.
  • No Refund– If cancelled by the customer in less than 48 hours of the date of the activity.

  • 100% at the time of booking.

Rescheduling is subject to availability.

Once the cancellation window ends, rescheduling cannot be done.

Each booking allows for a maximum of two rescheduling opportunities. After which, no further changes can be made to the booking.

Any price differences resulting from rescheduling, such as changes in seasonal rates or availability, will be applicable and will be communicated to the customer during the rescheduling process.

In the event that a customer requests a rescheduling but fails to attend the newly scheduled appointment, it will be considered a missed appointment, and our standard cancellation policy will apply

  • The peak Varkala surfing season typically spans from November to March.

  • Near Kuttikkadu temple junction, Black Beach Road, Varkala, Kerala.

  • The entire surfing experience is about 90 minutes, punctuated by a 15-minute break for rejuvenation.

  • No, having prior training in swimming lessons is not mandatory.

  • You must wear a swimming costume.

  • Welcome and Registration : The activity starts early in the morning, so you need to arrive at the surf school at 6:30 AM sharp for the day’s session. When you arrive at Varkala beach for your surfing session, our professional team will warmly welcome you and make you feel comfortable. After some time, you will be asked to fill out a registration form, including some mandatory waivers on which you must put your signature.


  • Safety Briefing : Every participant in an adventure sport must be aware of the nitty-gritty of the experience. Our ISA-certified instructors ensure your adventure is secure and exhilarating. Our experienced instructors will thoroughly teach and instruct you about the safety protocols and familiarise you with the equipment. You must listen carefully to everything the instructors have to say.


  •  Gear Up : After the briefing session, you will head towards the beach at around 7:00 AM, equipped with your surfboards.


  • Pre Activity Preparation : It is highly advised to engage in a quick warm-up session before participating in the activity to prevent injury due to sudden exposure to heavy movements. During this warm-up session, the instructor covers the basic techniques and safety protocols to ensure you have the best surfing experience. You must listen to the instructions carefully once again. After that, calm your nerves and prepare for the adventure rush.


  • The Solo Thrill : When you let go of your body and start surfing against the waves, you feel your heart racing initially. But once your nerves calm down, you will be able to taste the thrill of wave-catching. It’s a surreal experience that can’t be expressed in words, only experienced in real time. The 90-minute surfing experience is paired with a 15-minute break in between, where we will provide you with refreshments before you go chasing the waves for the second time.


  • Celebrate and Capture Memories : Do not worry about photographs of this thrilling experience. At around 9:00 AM, when the session concludes, we will have our team members capture the unforgettable moments on mobile before you come back to the school.


  • Debrief and Farewell : Once you have taken the leap and experienced the rush, let us know about your unique surfing adventure. Even though surfing in Varkala price may vary during different seasons, it is worth every penny. Collect your merchandise after your day’s adventure and leave with a bag of everlasting memories.


  • Departure : Bid farewell to the surfing team and fellow surfers. We will expect you to come back soon for your next adrenaline-rushing adventure.






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