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Imagine yourself soaring in the air as the golden glow of the sun scintillates in your eyes and the adventure sparks through your veins - that’s what hot air balloon rides do to you!

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It is no surprise that riding in a hot air balloon in India tops the bucket list of many - whether one is an adventure fanatic or just a curious explorer! It is the feeling of waltzing in the sky and surpassing ornate architectural spots, towering mountains, and scenic lakes. On top of all - it is an hour-long escapade right into the center of an unimaginable adventure!

If the idea of hot air balloon rides titillates you to give into the jazz of spine-chilling heights and knock off all your fears, then AdventuRush is the platform for you! Our hot air balloon ride in India is something you should not miss for the world! In the center of a massive basket, you will be breezing between long sighs of tranquility and whoops of roaring thrills.

AdventuRush curates the most sought-after destinations for hot air balloon rides and brings them to you. Our professionals with years of excellence in hot air balloon ride ensure a keen-eyed supervision and provide you with top-notch safety gear so you have an unbothered elevation towards the sky! Feel on top of the world while swaying with the slow-paced winds as a warming, aesthetically pleasing basket gives you an energetic gateway in the blue skies.

Make a plan, pick a date

It all starts with you planning a weekend getaway or a week-long tour. The best time to experience a hot air balloon safari is between September to late February during sunrise time. So, spare no time and come to a date that sets up a perfect rendezvous for you and the hot air balloon in India.

Walk through the AdventuRush packages

Scroll, scroll, scroll…stop! You found the perfect location to execute your adventurous errand. From the royal magnificence of Rajasthan to the crystalline oceans of Goa, the hot air balloon in India unlocks bountiful options for sighting. Navigate hot air balloon rides with AdventuRush and get your hands on your favorite one.

Check, recheck the itinerary

Sometimes the weather’s in the mood for rivalry, or some unprecedented reason pops up. But we never not curate a plan that is 100% safe. Our professional vendors keep every nook and cranny of this adventure experience under complete supervision to ensure a smooth-sailing ride for you. From safety gear to safe landing - you get everything at an easygoing hot air balloon price in India.

Ready, set, elevate

You are ready to see the world with a bird’s eye view. Live the idea of flying in the sky and feel a thrilling sensation as you float on a vibrant basket.