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  • Duration - 1.5 hours
  • Rishikesh
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Call yourself adventure-thirsty or not; this is the flying fox adventure we’re talking about - and you’ve got to give it a shot!

Flying Fox activities are an exuberant force of gravity that introduces you to a mind-blowing duo of smooth-sailing winds and a rip-roaring flight down the zipline. The sport is an adventure-fueled wagon that flies you from one end to the other, bringing you a panoramic view of nature along with a landscape studded with lush greenery.

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AdventuRush brings you a fantastic selection of the best flying fox activities that have just the right amount of thrill to give you goosebumps. We have curated every element of the itinerary in a way that anyone and everyone can fly at an insanely sporty speed of up to 150 kmph. So, whether you are an adventure-thirsty nomad with a group of friends or a YES man who wants a new challenge- we have got just the right plan for you.

We like to make sure that your safety is not at stake when you soar over the stunning views of mountains, crystalline rapids, and an abundance of natureholic scenery. Our expert vendors, with their eagle’s eyes, bring on the best safety standards and intricately engineered safety gear to ensure a worry-free state of mind. With a power-packed cable attached to a harness and pulley - they supervise the entire experience as you journey through an adrenaline rush!

Spot the right date on your calendar

Flying fox zipline is best (and ideally) experienced when there’s no rain to pour down on you. November or January, March or May? Decide the right time, and the right moment will follow.

Explore our flying fox adventure itineraries

It’s good to scroll up and down and rummage all you want through our offerings. AdventuRush has thoughtfully designed flying fox sport gateways that are not only your ticket to one of the greatest adventures but also a porter of a 100% safe experience.

Book your package for flying fox adventure activity

Plan the perfect itinerary for flying fox in India with AdventuRush. Explore flying fox activities with us, and let us cheer for you during an electrifying fly in the air. Expand the calendar, choose a solo or the couple plan, pick a date, and there you go!

Put on the harness, let the pulley take its course

Safety comes first, and our partner vendors ensure the best standards to maintain that. The moment your turn to fly hops in, our experts will equip you with the safety gear. The harness and braking system will keep you tied to a safe and easy glide down the cable. So, let your hands swing freely in the air - you deserve this.

Enjoy the ticklish feeling during this aerial ride

Your naturescape begins now! Feel your adrenaline pumping as you fly from one end to the other at the speed of up to 150 kmph. Cruise over the serene landscapes with a bird’s eye view and let that sink in.

The excuses are endless, and there’s a myriad of locations to enjoy flying fox in India; we bring them all together under one roof. Now, let’s scroll up to the itineraries!