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  • Duration - 1.5 hours
  • Rishikesh
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  • Duration - 30-45 minutes per activity
  • Rishikesh
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If you think bungee jumping is the wildest adventure one can give into, then you should try a giant swing.

The one-of-a-kind swing is not just about any other thrilling sport. You put on the harness, march over to the edge of the platform, hold on to the ropes, and there you fly off!

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After an intense throw-out in the sky, you plummet toward the ground - feeling that adrenaline pumping! Experience the thrill of the giant swing with AdventuRush! The ropes have got you covered to begin swinging like a pendulum out of nowhere. After this sensational experience, the swing slows down and takes you toward a safe drop zone.

The giant swing activity packages by AdventuRush promise an unforgettable and exciting adventure. Turn your routine upside down for a weekend with our giant swing adventure plan that is for both the solo thrill-seekers and the pack of friends who want to soar through the challenging rotation together. Relive your childhood memories in an ultra-dizzying, unimaginable way as you swing across the spectacular landscape and enjoy the serenity from a bird’s eye view!

Spanning the longest giant swing in India, our giant swing activity pages bring you the options to see the world from a completely unimaginable perspective. Our trained jump masters mobilize impeccably designed safety gear and ensure complete supervision - so anyone and everyone can be the wild child in the air.

Think, decide, and save the date

Choosing the date matters. You get to make the most of a giant swing adventure when the weather is relatively calm, and there’s no rainfall to wash away your excitement. Whether you make your giant swing booking in the month of November or get away with a thrill-fueled plan in March - all we want is for you to jump into this gutsy adventure without worrying about the weather.

Expand the itineraries for giant swing in India

AdventuRush has some of the best plans and itineraries curated for everyone - from a curious newbie to a seasoned adventurer. There are various locations where you can swing about the enthralling giant swing in India. So, tap the plan one by one and read through our detailed plan and advisory.

You are ready to book a giant swing adventure

After you have read our plan word-to-word, it is time to book your giant canyon swing activity with AdventuRush. Head to the package that has got your desired location and a large serving of thrills covered. Solo or group, couple or not - you can hit ‘+’ to add as many packages as you, please.


Jump off that 83m high platform! Enjoy the spine-chilling motion that leaves you flying like a pendulum in the sky. The electrifying bounces will have your adrenaline pumping through the veins. Feel the mountainous winds hit your face as this electric course of giant swing India fills you up with explosive energy. Savor this wild time in the air as much as you can before the giant swing activity slows down to the drop zone.

Glide through the vertiginous pace with the longest giant swing in India and redefine adventure - once again.