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You can either wait for your life to happen or make your life happen.

You could learn to live in the now or ease a phobia. There may be things that you have always wanted to do before turning 30 or 40 – your bucket list!

So, cut to the chase, decide the date, spin the web, and explore the best deals with AdventuRush!

Thrill is everywhere, but AdventuRush simplifies your hunt by choosing the best and safe experiences in the adventure activities list. So that you can write a story that you will tell your friends and strangers.

Stop overthinking it and give yourself a much-needed break from the mundanity of life. Planning an adventure trip begins with exploring the exciting places that align with your idea of an ideal experience. However, rummaging through countless options and offers that you and your friends will equally like is not that easy. We have devised an assortment of adventure activities to help you find the best option readily available and have a celebratory time in the hills or on the bike.

Leave everything behind for a day or month because this year, you are finally checking one adventure off your bucket list- one at a time. 

  • Hear your calling: You decide that you want to embark on a daunting adventure and discover a more spirited version of yourself.
  • Choose the type of adventure: Breathe. You contemplate the types of thrill adventures that’d give you goosebumps. From off-roading to skydiving, the challenges are endless. Where can you get that adrenaline rush, and what is it that can make your heart run faster? Open the adventure activities list – the options await you.
  • Jump to AdventuRush: Start going through the plans that we have in store for you. Looking for camping? Easy. Type in, hit Search, and there come to the best deals for you.
  • Choose a destination: You’ll find a number of adventures spanning some of the most beautiful locations! Camping in Dhanaulti or Jaisalmer? When you know what adventure you want to do, you can refine your hunt based on the most appropriate location for that activity.
  • Pick a date: Time is of the essence. Are you in for a summer adventure or something to do in the chills of winter? Seasons affect the plan. Bike expeditions in Leh Ladakh during September are exciting, but river rafting in Monsoon is not! Our plans have the safest dates booked on the calendar.
  • Solo or Group: Are you a solo rider, or is it a plan to do flying fox with your homies? Take your time and choose what adds more meaning to your life at the time.

Planning an adventurous trip only gets easier with AdventuRush. With an array of packages and the most enchanting locations in India – you will definitely get your hands on a plan that will stay with you forever.