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An Ultimate Guide to Prepare for Your First Bungee Jump in India

Bungee jumping has always been on my adrenaline-infused bucket list. After hearing tales of thrilling jumps and watching countless videos, I became fascinated by the growing popularity of the bungee jump in India.

The very thought of free-falling with just a cord attached seemed both terrifying and exhilarating. As the days went by, the urge grew stronger, and I finally decided to take the plunge, quite literally.

The Initial Research – Finding the Right Spot

It was a spontaneous plan, as most of my adventures tend to be. Goa had always been our group’s favourite getaway, but this time it wasn’t just about the beaches and parties.

A friend mentioned AdventuRush, and before I knew it, we were planning a trip centered around a jump from a towering platform. Goa, with its scenic beauty, seemed like the perfect backdrop for such a daring activity. After all, if I was going to jump, I might as well do it with a breathtaking view, right?

Preparing Mentally

Now, I won’t lie, the closer the trip got, the more I questioned my sanity. I found myself constantly searching for bungee jumping near me in a bid to maybe practise or just see someone else do it first. But all I found were serene parks and local gyms.

Not quite the thrill I was looking for! My friends, of course, found my nervous antics amusing. They’d send me exaggerated videos of jumps, most of which I’m pretty sure were fake!

But amidst the jokes and the nervous excitement, I realized it was all about conquering my fears. After all, life’s too short for what-ifs, and I was ready to take on this adventure head-on.

Physical Preparations

Ever heard the saying, “Your mind believes what you tell it“? Well, I realised that preparing for a bungee jump isn’t just about the mental game; the body needs its fair share of prep too. I mean, if I was about to experience the best bungee jumping in India, I wanted to make sure I was in top shape for it.

I started with some basic cardio exercises to improve my stamina. A bit of jogging, skipping, and even some yoga to calm those pre-jump jitters. I also read up on the importance of flexibility and core strength, so I incorporated stretches and some basic strength training.

And let’s not forget hydration! Keeping the muscles hydrated is key to preventing cramps. Plus, with all the nervous sweating I anticipated, better safe than sorry, right?

The Day Before the Jump

The excitement was palpable. The day before the jump, I found myself in Goa, surrounded by lush greenery and the calming sounds of nature. The bungee jump was all I could think about.

I decided to visit Mayem Lake, where I had booked the bungee jumping package with AdventuRush. The serene environment was the perfect setting to calm my nerves and gear up for the big day. As I stood there, looking at the vast expanse, I thought to myself, “Tomorrow, I’m going to soar over this.”

Jump Day – Arrival and Briefing

The morning sun was just beginning to cast its golden hue when I arrived at the venue. The excitement in the air was contagious, and my heart raced in anticipation. But before one can jump, there’s a crucial step – the briefing.

Safety First

The team at AdventuRush was thorough. They provided an in-depth briefing about the safety procedures that are paramount during bungee jumping. It was reassuring to see such professionalism.

Sign on the Dotted Line

Then came the waiver form. It’s a standard procedure where participants acknowledge they’ve understood the terms and conditions and are aware of the risks. I chuckled as I scribbled down my medical condition – “Extreme excitement with a dash of nervousness”.

Valuables and Personal Belongings

I was carrying a few valuables, including my lucky charm (don’t judge!). The staff kindly directed me to the front desk where I could safely deposit them. With that sorted, I was free to enjoy my bungee jumping experience without any worries.

As I approached the bridge, the realness of it all hit me. The platform was restricted only to jumpers, making the experience even more personal. The meticulous safety checks by the crew were reassuring. With every buckle and harness check, I felt more and more ready.

And then, it was time. Time to take the leap and make a memory for a lifetime.

The Jump Experience

Standing on the platform, the world below seemed like a beautiful blur of colors. Every fiber of my being screamed both excitement and a tiny bit of fear. Taking a deep breath, I reminded myself that I was about to experience one of the most exhilarating bungee jumps in India.

Without much ado, I took the leap! The wind rushed past, and for a few glorious seconds, I felt like a bird soaring high. It’s one thing to hear about the thrill, but to actually jump off the platform and experience that unique rush? Absolutely indescribable.

Post-Jump Reflections

As I was pulled back up, my heart still racing from the jump, I took a moment to reflect on the experience. I had just jumped from Goa’s ONLY fixed-platform Bungy, owned and run by ex-Army officers in association with Goa Tourism.

I remembered reading about how they’ve successfully operated over 1,50,000 jumps in Rishikesh since 2010 with a pristine safety record. That gave me confidence. The jump from a 55-meter-high platform in the heart of Mayem Lake was not just about the adrenaline; it was about admiring nature’s beauty from a unique vantage point.

The lake, surrounded by forests, added to the charm of the entire experience. And of course, the top-notch equipment and world-class safety procedures ensured that thrill-seekers like me could enjoy the experience without a worry in the world.

They say life is about collecting experiences, not things. And my bungee jumping adventure in Goa with Adventurush? Definitely a gem in my collection. If you’re looking to push your boundaries and experience the best bungee jumping in India, I cannot recommend this enough.

So, here’s my two cents: take the leap and make memories that will last a lifetime!



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