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Solo Skydiving in Delhi

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Daredevil Adventure
Solo Adventure
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Solo Adventure
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Introducing a game-changing twist to traditional skydiving in Narnaul, Haryana – the static line method. As you summon your courage for that daring leap, this line pulls a cover off and releases the canopy with a graceful flourish. Your descent transforms into an awe-inspiring spectacle like never before.

Solo skydiving is one of the best static line adventure games and has been a  time-tested favorite in military circles, renowned for its swiftness and unwavering commitment to safety. Brace yourselves to experience the gold standard skydiving and get assured of a quick and secure activity.

Curious about skydiving Narnaul? Wondering about the solo skydiving course and its requirements? Ready to take the plunge and skydiving booking? Look no further than AdventuRush! Experience the thrill of a solo parachute jump at the best Narnaul skydiving prices. Dare to soar and make your reservation today

  • Immerse yourself in the heart-pounding essentials: mastering safe landings, deftly handling parachutes, and executing precise turns.
  • Discover the dynamic duo of parachutes: the primary canopy and the trusty reserve parachute.
  • Get a grip on the life-saving Automated Activation Device (AAD) and how it elevates your safety quotient.
  • Forge your skills in emergency preparedness, ready to tackle any unforeseen challenges that might arise during your descent.
  • Build unwavering confidence as you learn to tackle aircraft exits, setting the stage for your upcoming solo adventure.
  • Equip yourself with the invaluable skills and knowledge required to navigate the exhilarating realm of solo skydiving.
  • It's time to take that breathtaking leap into the world of solo skydiving!
  • Operational hours of this activity are 08:00 AM onwards.

  • Learn safe landings, parachute handling, and precise turns. Understand primary and reserve parachutes and the role of the Automated Activation Device (AAD) for safety.

  • Focus on emergency preparedness, identifying and handling descent issues. Gain confidence in handling emergency landings through dry runs and ground practice.

  • Practice aircraft exits and gear up for your solo skydiving adventure. Take the exhilarating leap with newfound skills and knowledge, ready to embrace solo skydiving.
  • Ground Training: Our comprehensive instruction covers safety, equipment, emergency procedures, and jump mechanics, ensuring you're well-prepared.
  • Equipment Familiarization: Get hands-on experience with your gear, building trust and confidence in your equipment.
  • One Static Line Jump: Solo skydiving with a controlled static line jump, transitioning from training to real-world experience.
  • The flight reaches an impressive height of 10,000 feet.
  • The weight limitation for Solo skydiving is maximum of 90 kgs.
  • Before your tandem skydive jump, you will be required to sign a mandatory waiver form.
  • This activity lasts three days, including ground training, gear preparation, the flight, the jump, and the landing.
  • If you suffer from any of the medical conditions listed in the waiver form, you will be required to submit a special medical fitness certificate in addition to the basic medical fitness certificate signed by a general physician.

Starting Point

Narnaul air strip

Air strip, Narnaul, Haryana 123021


  • We will confirm your booking within 24 hours.
  • In case of non-availability for the date, our team will get in touch with you to work out best possible dates. Kindly bear with us as this industry does not work with real-time inventory view from vendor partners.
  • If you wish to cancel before receiving a confirmation, you will receive 100% refund.

  • 0-7 days – you will receive 0% refund of the booking amount.
  • 7-14 days – you will receive 25% refund of the booking amount.
  • 14-30 days – you will receive 50% refund of booking amount.
  • 30 days ore more – you will receive 75% refund of the booking amount.
  • In case you wish to reschedule, please contact us directly. There may be a fee applicable to reschedule.

  • 100% at the time of booking.

Rescheduling is subject to availability.

Once the cancellation window ends, rescheduling cannot be done.

Each booking allows for a maximum of two rescheduling opportunities. After which, no further changes can be made to the booking.

Any price differences resulting from rescheduling, such as changes in seasonal rates or availability, will be applicable and will be communicated to the customer during the rescheduling process.

In the event that a customer requests a rescheduling but fails to attend the newly scheduled appointment, it will be considered a missed appointment, and our standard cancellation policy will apply

  • This activity lasts three days, including ground training, gear preparation, the flight, the jump, and the landing.

  • The flight reaches an impressive height of 10,000 feet.

  • Absolutely, this activity is certified by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Government of India, ensuring complete safety. It is conducted by licensed professionals with a wealth of experience, boasting over 1,000 jumps. Additionally, we adhere to the highest industry standards and employ the best equipment available for your safety and enjoyment.

Important things to know before you take this activity are :

• Have a light breakfast, eat normally and don’t rush, and hydrate well.

• Before your Solo Skydive jump, you will be required to sign a mandatory waiver form.

• If you suffer from any of the medical conditions listed in the waiver form, you will be required to submit a special medical fitness certificate in addition to the basic medical fitness certificate signed by a general physician.

• The weight limitation for tandem skydiving is maximum of 90 kgs

• Minimum age to participate in Solo Skydiving is 21 years

• Please report 30 minutes before start time

• Upon arrival, proof of identification is required.

  • Yes, this activity is suitable for beginners as Solo Skydiving.

  • The age limit is 21 years and the weight limit is 90 kgs.

  • The starting point is 2 hours away from Delhi. For the exact location, kindly connect with the assigned vendor partner, post booking.

  • The best time to go for Skydiving is from Mid September to Mid April. This activity will not be conducted if the weather condition is not favorable.

  • Please wear comfortable clothes and sneakers or flexible shoes will be ideal.

  • For discounts on group booking, please contact us.

  • In case of any query/complaint, kindly  contact us.

  • Recommended attire for the activity includes track pants, T-shirts, a light jacket, and sports shoes.

  • Avoid wearing a leather jacket, traditional Indian attire, heels or shoes with hooks. Customers are advised to remove any jewelry, watches, and other accessories before their skydive.

Embark on your journey towards solo skydiving with Day 1 of our three-day ground training program 08:00AM onwards. Dive right into the essentials: safe landings, mastering parachute handling, and executing those precision turns. Become well-acquainted with the dynamic duo of parachutes – the primary canopy and the reliable reserve parachute. We won’t forget to shed light on the Automated Activation Device (AAD), revealing its crucial role with the reserve parachute to take your safety to the next level.

Day 2 is your deep dive into emergency preparedness. This is where you’ll sharpen your ability to identify and tackle potential issues during descent, leaving you with the unwavering confidence to navigate emergency landings like a pro. Through dry runs and intensive ground practice sessions, be well-prepared for any scenario that comes your way.

As Day 3 dawns, it’s time to put everything into action. Practice aircraft exits and gear up, feeling the excitement build for your impending solo skydiving adventure. Armed with newfound skills and knowledge, leap and be ready to embrace the electrifying thrill of solo skydiving.


Our program is designed to equip you with the expertise and confidence essential for solo skydiving. We cover everything from equipment to safety devices, emergency procedures, and hands-on practice. Emerge well-prepared for your solo skydiving journey, ready to conquer the skies with skill and knowledge at your side.


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